þrīst-hygdig, adj: bold-minded, courageous. (THREEST-HUH-dih / ˈθɹiːst-ˌhɝj-dɪj)

fyrn-geflit, n.n: age-old quarrel, ancient strife. (FURN-yeh-FLIT / ˈfɝɹn-jɛ-ˌflɪt)

heals, m.n: the neck, the prow of a ship. (HEH-als / ˈhɛals)

sticel, m.n: that with which a prick may be given (‘stickle’ in stickle-back); a sting, goad. (STIH-chell / ˈstɪ-tʃɛl)

earfeþ-mæcg, m.n: an unhappy or unfortunate man. (EH-ar-veth-MADGE / ˈɛaɹ-vɛθ-ˌmædʒ)

hǣþ-feld, m.n: open uncultivated land, a heath. (HATH-FELD / ˈhæːθ-ˌfɛld)

dæg-þerlic, adj: of this day; daily, every day; of day in contrast to night. (DAIE-THER-litch / ˈdæj-ˌθɛɹ-litʃ)

īren-gelōma, m.n: iron implements. (EE-ren-yeh-LO-ma / ˈiː-ɹɛn-jɛ-ˌloː-ma)

nearu-wrenc, m.n: a trick or wile that causes anxiety or trouble. (NEH-ah-ruh-WRENCH / ˈnɛa-ɹʌ-ˌwɹɛntʃ)

sib-lufu, f.n: kindly affection, kindness, love such as exists between kin. (SIB-LUH-vuh / ˈsɪb-ˌlʌ-vʌ)

weg-fērend, m.n: a wayfarer, traveller. (WEY-FAIR-end / ˈwɛj-ˌfeː-ɹɛnd)

hæring-tīma, m.n: herring season. (HAE-ring-TEE-ma / ˈhæ-ɹɪŋ-ˌtiː-ma)

lagu-sīþ, m.n: a sea-journey. (LAH-guh-SEETH / ˈla-gʌ-ˌsiːθ)

ge-lēomod, adj: furnished with radiance or rays of light, radiant. (yeh-LAY-oh-mod / jɛ-ˈleːɔ-mɔd)

word-hord, n.n: a word-hoard, a store of words. (WORD-HORD / ˈwɔɹd-ˌhɔɹd)

Today is a word-of-the-day redux from 2,731 days (and words) ago. I try not to repeat words, but I'm making an exception today because of a special announcement...

My book The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English will be published exactly six months from today!
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The Wordhord will be published in the UK by Profile Books on 4 November 2021.

word-loca, m.n: ‘word-locker’, store of words. (WORD-LOCK-ah / ˈwɔɹd-ˌlɔ-ka)

wlitig-fæst, adj: beauteous, glorious. (W’LIH-tih-FAST / ˈwlɪ-tɪj-ˌfæst)

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