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终于开始整理相机惹。中秋节那天在Bryce Canyon

Ireland government announced plans for a basic income for people working in the arts. Details are still being thrashed out, but the three-year scheme is expected to offer around €325 (£275) per week to 2,000 creatives, helping them and Irish culture bounce back from the pandemic.

看个屁里面能看清的屁之一 :gintama_005: (?

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这是俺最喜欢的,小镇晚安 :weibo_school:

I prefer the version of this in Morty's Mind-Blowers. No explanation necessary. Put to the wall, Beth makes the only choice anyone would make.

image-to-image, cool linework-to-imaging generator, + monster mash, a line to 3d/animation thing 

Was remembering this last night and some people helpfully reminded me what it was.

I was also pointed towards this, which seems incredibly fun. Can't wait to use both of these to make weird art.

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I know Facebook is the worst but here's a story about the floods we had in this valley in 2015: the single most important resource people used to get help and food to people in need was Facebook, everyone with various needs was coordinating through a 'Calder Valley Flood' group: food, sandbags, pumps, people with 4x4s, people with elderly family in the valley who couldn't get in to check on them, asking locals to do it. All that done via Facebook. Not being on Facebook is a privilege.

所以不抱希望問一下西雅圖有沒有人本月29,30能收留我兩晚或者來和我分攤個房費…訂不起酒店了啊救命… ​​​ :aru_0170:
可以和我一起去Erotic Art Festival或者去逛李國豪的墓或者四處亂走撿烏鴉羽毛(?)提供免費拍照服務…

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A Markdown notetaking webapp that uses File System Access API to load and save your files.

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