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Ciche schronienie / The Tranquil Shelter

(self-portrait, Rzeszów, 2021)

na krańcu nieba po burzy
ptaki śpiewały psalmy

Artist: Kamila Kansy

📍 Bellingham, United States

This experimental painting features swirls of blue, grey, white, and black paints. As the paints began to dry, I took this closeup. The technique I use to create this kind of paint texture is called “fluid art,” and it relies on mixing a variety of mediums into acrylic paints to influence how they interact. I’ll use materials like glue, isopropyl alcohol, liquid silicone, and a butane torch.

:logo_unsplash: adrienconverse

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:sheepblobthinkingeyes: 這張Grouper和Laurel Halo看起來也很般配(為什麼會有人用拉郎的目光看自己的 :logo_lastfm: Top Artists)

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粉橙紅 🍊 v3.0

秋天小鎮 | credit: bluelemonwhisky