Signal has recently reported that their service has been blocked in Iran. This block is a direct attack on the secure communication of activists.

In solidarity with the team at Signal we would like to amplify their call for volunteers to help run proxy servers to ensure that protesters have the ability to send and receive secure encrypted messages.

If you are willing to help, Signal has provided step-by-step instructions on their blog here:

"Sanders was a key figure in the spiritual jazz scene. His 1969 album Karma, which incorporated influences from traditional African and south Asian music, is considered one of the major early documents of the form. Throughout the early 1970s, Sanders continued to release records as a bandleader, largely on the Impulse! label. In 1971, he performed on Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda, another milestone in modal and avant-garde jazz."

@humanetech @jande @gme @cope Yes, Gargron somewhere replied to me saying he's waiting for more servers to adopt the edit feature.

However, the latest Mastodon versions already support editing posts (not just displaying someone else's edits) – the feature just isn't included in the UI yet. is a front-end that does, in fact, already include an edit button.


占卜这么多年感觉最常见的问题还是和恋爱相关的,之前做私占的时候总有客户问我做不做和合,我也只是说可以但没必要。无论是混沌魔法还是占星魔法,从威卡到各种体系的符或咒,似乎人类的爱欲总是由求不得而催生出各种捷径。也许我作为悲观的人,也是在自己身上滥用过这些术的人,才对这类持反对意见吧。至于什么能量守恒三倍返还,有些人甚至搞出了替身人柱力这种操作,我认为魔法最危险的地方从不在于它本身,而是它是如何扭曲你对世界的认知的。当我说“认知”的时候并不是理性,而是尊重。尊重他人的感情与意志,意识到自身之外的世界是独立存在的,而不是通过占卜或魔法得偿所愿。占卜在某种程度上是有益的,因为它本身也只是趋吉避凶的工具罢了。只有涉及在感情里它就会很微妙,我时常好奇那么多问和对方吵架了之后会不会分手的人,如果会分手的话你会接受吗?如果不会的话你会认真沟通和对方磨合吗?在我看来这比起恋爱,更像是在开mod玩dating sim,至于想要做和合的,我只会认为这个人对自己的“爱”执着到愿意忽略“人”的意愿。我理解这些,因为我也曾是这样的人。但其实一旦你选择用神秘学干涉自己的感情,这只是个开始。也许你觉得不需要付出什么代价,也许只是筹办些材料,或者付些钱,或是损些能量,没什么大不了的。但对我而言,和合真正的代价是你会在以后的每一段关系有一种隐隐的不安:这个人爱我是因为我本身,还是因为占卜/魔法。这种不信任会生长在每一瞬你感觉到求而不得后滋生出来的掌控欲里,在这里你无法把对方当人,也无法把自己当人看。伏地魔的母亲想要“真心的爱”,于是停了他父亲的迷情剂,但结果你也知道。而我恐惧于这条路的终点通向哪里,所以我及时回头了。这些听上去可能会让人觉得“不至于吧,哪有这么严重”,而事实因人而异。也许我是很软弱很容易动摇的人所以影响才会这样大吧,只是任何通往深渊的路在一开始总是平平无奇的。

Here's a new kind of commission I've done - I was asked to redesign the icon for Tusky (, the open source Android Mastodon client, based on their mascot.

This redesign includes a themed icon for Android 13+ and a cute new notification icon ^^

It's not in the app yet, but it will be soon!

Frustrating that I want autumn weather, hot coffee, and such, but it's still 80°F+, everything's green & horny out, and instead I'd better sit in the AC and drink juice or iced tea.

Finishing up with some classic toys: Computer Space, Speak & Spell, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Nintendo Game Boy.

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