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It should be feasible: All this requires is to add support for a virtual user (a dedicated circle bot) which shall take place of the circle itself. The circle should have an ID and a visible name (eg "Yuki's Dungeons and Dragons group". The ID could even be numeric for all that matters.

The circle relays the posts to the circle members. Mentions outside the circle are stripped for security, and posts to the circle are ignored if author is not in the circle.

Posts and replies are reposted by the circle with author info so no post can leak accidentally. All replies to the circle most be rejected by the instance to avoid privacy leaks.

Circle admin (the creator) can send commands to the bot a-la irc style, and the bot can do the administration tasks. (basically invite users, add and remove)

TIL: Unsplash is rotten to the core

In a bizarre blog post [1] from December 2019, the Unsplash executives/founders present their new ad strategy "Unsplash for Brands": Devoid of any sense of ethics, they neatly lay out how advertising on unsplash itself would be ineffective and annoying - after all these ads would be identifiable as such - so old school! Instead they present their "win-win-win" idea: Instead of providing unsplash users with a mostly unbiased photo selection from independent creators, they'll give them a biased selection (paid by megacorps) of photos from non-independent creators (made by megacorps) - all the same beautiful bland hipster photography unsplash is famous for, but now filled to the brim with BRAND PRODUCTS and BRAND VALUES.

Apparently without any sense of irony, without any self-awareness at all, they present a GIF that displays a full reversal of Apple's famous 1984 ad [2] to bluntly explain their vision: From here on out, all major news outlets on this planet will stop using diverse imagery to depict (e.g.) a laptop - for now they will, in complete uniformity, show that same brand image, portray those same brand values, and best of all, no one will be annoyed, no one will even realize, that the world has been eaten by ads.



地毯和美丽玳瑁 :adore:
(是想调出沙漠的感觉但最后两张颜色好像太火了…… :disapprove: )


This browser extension adds an extra element into the Spotify Web UI which links to the artist's Bandcamp page, if one is found. Only artist and album pages are affected. The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome.


To shield something from electromagnetic field, you add more of the field. To cancel a sound, you add more sound (not just any sound, but still).
If you thought quantum mechanics is weird, not quite, it's waves propagation and interaction that counters our intuition.
Then try to account for non-linear properties of the medium (dispersion, solitons, pilot waves, etc.) and you get it unimaginable pretty quickly, even if that's just regular water surface.

Update on the announced self-hostable #bandcamp alternative: Got tons of work done on the foundation over the last days (architecture, reading, transcoding, caching, syncing, configuration, cli arguments, ...). Today was the first time I did some design exporation (first glimpses attached - these are already in-browser screenshots of the functional interface, not mockups :)). I'm developing out in the open at °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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But we must not mistake this release. The Past remains a part of us: it is in our gestures, our beliefs, our sense, our knowledge, our patterns, our heat, our vibrations.

The Past is neither chosen, taken nor given: it emerges in the improvised moment.

It is our story, our continuum, in real time. The one we share together around the fire.

That story is shared now, the shared struggle, the shared joy. That is why people and music are here.

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How entangled it all becomes. Even if we take just the decade that marks this moment of reflection. Maybe you have been fooled. Possibly people have taken everything from you. Your Care. Your Time. Your Love. Your Dignity. Maybe you have been strung along or you have stung someone along. Do you reside in a past Future? Can you fight that? Can you flee from that? Who are you fleeing? Who are you fighting for? The underrated answer: the self.

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"Emma" is the imagined spirit of lost loves, of first loves or of the first real experience of love. It is the most powerful energy we know. It is Emma when you hear the entire universe in the sound of someone's voice. It is Emma when your vision expands to see the Earth's rotation. It is the pendulum of heat that oscillates between a pair of hearts. It is the Meta-sense. Music realizes this absence of an unknown companion we seek, even if we do not know we are seeking.

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Yet fire is more than heat. Music is more than vibration. Fire's indiscriminate force both destroys and creates. But music, we give it power by making ourselves powerless. We become vulnerable to what music gives us; a real or unreal person, place or time. Music gives us the space to yearn, to forgive, to let go if only for a moment.

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