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Владивосток, Приморский край | Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, 2009.
(c) Alexander Aksakov

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i started a class on building your own synthesizers from scratch. our first week, the prompt was to record something that sounds like a thunderstorm without using any samples of actual thunder or rain. i ended up just writing a song around it and as per usual, designed a little logo for the song using dotgrid ^__^

here's a crop of the march wallpaper for patreon, sign up to see it all the comics, illustrations and concept art ANLW that i post. 🌼🌼

春天到了,neng点白酒霍霍。这个假国窖小黑瓶,酱香,便宜好喝,以前在一个小餐馆里无意喝到,现在推荐给大家 :revblobfoxcofecute:

The opening theme is constantly transformed, from the early trill arpeggio's sounding unsettling and then completely shifting, eventually tumbling in rapid cascades into a grotesque march. Scriabin builds a continuous structure of mounting complexity and tension, and pursues the combination of themes with unusual tenacity, eventually reaching a climax as harsh as anything in his music. The piece ends with the original theme reinstated.

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Sokolov plays Scriabin - Black Mass Sonata: Piano Sonata No. 9, Op. 68 (1912-13)

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粉橙紅 🍊 v3.0

秋天小鎮 | credit: bluelemonwhisky