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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

According to, there are 39 #hometown servers which are home to 3.9k users who wrote 2.6M messages.

Mastodon is used by 3.3K servers, home to 3.17M users who wrote 485.7M messages.

If one does some really simple math: hometown has 67.5K messages per server, or 714 per user.

Mastodon meanwhile has ~145.5k messages per server but only 152 messages per user.

So how come hometown users write so much more?

Hometown is 99% the same as Mastodon. The main difference? Hometown allows posting local-only, meaning messages do not leave the instance and are only visible to those on the instance.

Here is a theory: servers focused on a specific community which in addition allow local-only posting create much more engagement. Even when, or specifically because, these messages are not visible in the larger network.

The numbers above are really back-of-the-envelope so there are caveats. There might also be other factors at play, such as self-selection. Talkative and community oriented-folks gravitate towards hometown? People join large mastodon servers and quickly leave?

Meanwhile, Mastodon has resisted local-only posting and in current official apps even remove the local timeline. This is (maybe??) good for network growth and large generic servers but is it good for communities? Is this really an alternative? is now listed in the official instances list (and therefore should also appear in the Android app when registering a new account) 🥳

Musik - Mastodon -

#metal #music #Mastodon

We've heard reports that we're now blocked in China 🇨🇳

If you're having trouble accessing our site there (or anywhere), you can now use to get to it.

To share your blog or posts, just replace "" with "" in your links!

🔉 Kaleidoscope – Compilation of experimental music from Ukraine (2019)

With a beautiful drawing as cover artwork by Ukrainian artist Alina Gaeva.

The label Flaming Pines will donate all proceeds to a charity or organisation nominated by the artists involved. (birdsite:

全是泥, :galndino:
镇民就别摔了, 我帮你们摔了

Verse 1
Then everyone start to run away
Yeah, everyone got nice things
A hacker becomes a hacker
I worked myself to nothing but nothing

Right there, that thing is like a hacker
Can I get some money? Can I get some cash?

Ladies in the back, I love how it look
Did you get it good? I bet you did
Does that hacker work for you? Well, will it get the job done
Does that hacker work for you? Could it get the job done?

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate. Have a few calm days of candle light to rest, reflect and revitalise. 🌠#merrychristmas #happyholidays #FroheWeihnachten

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