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Some of the track titles were borrowed from passages on the Arctic and Antarctic in David Attenborough's The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth, the accompanying book to his 1984 BBC nature documentary series The Living Planet, for example "Throughout the dark months of April and May, the birds display to one another and finally mate" on page 54.

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i'm late to the party, but here, some orb-pondering
(source: the All-Pervading, 1890. painted by George Frederic Watts)


1. 赤狐 (Vulpes vulpes)
2.百拍不厌毒蝇鹅膏(Amanita muscaria)
3. 某红菇(Russula sp.)与某乳菇(Lactarius sp.)
4. 杯密瑚菌(Artomyces pyxidatus)

Hello everyone!

Todays photo is from two days ago, when I went on a short tour before work with a colleague.
We initially wanted to shoot dusk over a river, but that didn't really produce good results. When we were on our way to work, the sun decided to gift us a few minutes of awesome light, so we tried to capture it.

This is actually taken with 400 mm, because the area in front of us was rather ugly and I didn't want to include that.

#photography #EyesOnNature

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